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Monuments and Memorials to Stephen Foster

Cathedral of Learning of
The University of Pittsburgh

The Cathedral of Learning of The University of Pittsburgh
This is the architect's first drawing of the new building. It was intended that the Foster Memorial Hall stand in the shadow of this mammoth educational building, which stands on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Across from this location stands the Carnegie Institution. (Photo: Courtesy of Pittsburgh University.)

Stephen Foster Monument
Stephen Foster 							Monument
in Highland Park, Pittsburgh, Pa. Not until 1900 did Pittsburgh have any monument to Foster, when by popular subscription (raised through the enterprise of T. J. Keenan) this handsome granite and bronze statue was raised just inside the main gateway (left), to Highland Park. Moretti, the sculptor, has been most happy in his conception and execution of his commission and represents Foster sitting with his pencil and paper ready to jot down some sentimental melodies, while below and beside him "Uncle Ned" strums happily on his banjo. A feature of the ceremony at the unveiling of the monument was a singing of many of Foster's songs by a chorus of Pittsburgh school children, under the direction of Victor Herbert.

Henrietta Crosman
Henrietta Crosman
Stephen Foster's grandniece, as Rosalind in As You Like It. Miss Crosman has generally been recognized as a very great actress and records state that As You Like It was perhaps the only Shakespearean Production to gain attention at the time she was playing it. Miss Crosman has related the following story of Stephen Foster, who often wrote songs which he did not consider good enough to publish: "'Uncle Stephen' my mother once asked him, 'why do you take the trouble to write out those ugly things that you tear up almost as soon as you have them on paper?' 'Because' he replied, 'it is the only way I can get them out of my head and make room for something better'."

Stephen Foster's Monument
Stephen Foster's Monument
in Allegheny Cemetery. "His body lies beside the mother and father he loved so much and near the spot where he was born. His grave is marked by a simple marble monument, not grand but it is sufficient" These words were written by Morrison Foster, whose grave may now be seen directly behind Stephen's.

A Foster Family Gathering
A Foster Family Gathering
Fourth from the left in the last row is John D. Scully, brother-in-law of Stephen Foster and a prominent banker of Pittsburgh; he and Stephen were very good friends. Sixth from left in the back row is Jessie Welsh, aged eighteen, granddaughter of Stephen Foster and daughter of Marian Foster Welsh, Stephen's only daughter. The then Jessie Welsh is now (1930) Mrs. A. D. Rose, who resides at the Foster Memorial Home in Pittsburgh. Third from left, in the second row, is Mrs. A. W. McDowell, mother of Mrs Stephen Foster, who is sitting (at right) next to her. The others are cousins, relatives, etc. Just when this picture was taken is not known to the compiler, but it was during the time before prohibition, if one is to judge from the punch bowl and glasses seen on the table in the background.

Some of Stephen's Sisters and Brothers
Some of Stephen's Sisters and Brothers
Standing at left, Henry Foster; at right, Morrison Foster. Sitting at left, Henrietta Foster Wick; at right, Eliza Foster Buchanan, who married a brother of President Buchanan. This Photo is preserved in the Foster Memorial Home of Pittsburgh. (Photo: Courtesy of City of Pittsburgh.)

Proposed Stephen Foster Memorial
Proposed Stephen Foster Memorial
This is the architect's first drawing of the building which was submitted to the memorial committee. The building is to be known as the Stephen Foster Memorial Hall of Pittsburgh, and it is the aim of those who have donated the property for it's erection, that the promoting of music be the chief purpose of the endeavor. The corner of the building on the right, is Carnegie Institution, Library, Art Museum, etc. (Photo: Courtesy of University of Pittsburgh.)
Stephen Foster Memorial Museum
The Center for American Music,
a department within the Special Collections
of the University of Pittsburgh Library System
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