Stephen Collins Foster

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The Tioga Point Museum

Athens, Pennsylvania
Tioga Point Museum
In Athens
Bradford County
Athens, Pennsylvania, is at the confluence of the Chemung and the Susquehanna Rivers. About every twenty years or so, the river flood, inundating the entire Chemung Valley, damaging a lot of the center of Athens, and depositing a rich soil which grows the corn to feed the cows which are then taken to the Camptown Packing Company, a tiny place where they used to have a racetrack.
The confluence of the two rivers is at Tioga Point, a pretty place which has been painted and drawn many times.

Stephen Foster went to the Athens Academy, a site near Tioga Point which is now occupied by a town park with several monuments and plaques commemorating the dead and survivors of many wars, and the Academy site.

The Tioga Point Museum is just across the street. It contains a collection of wondrous "stuff" brought back from faraway places, or dug up from the immediate area, and the library has a large collection of original Steven Foster music, manuscripts, Indian artifacts, etc. Of particular note, it houses the manuscript of Stephen Foster's first song, "The Tioga Waltz."

Due to under financing, the Museum is open a limited number of hours, but very definitely worth a visit, especially considering the number of things of historical interest that lie in the whole area.

For more information re: hours
For a map of Athens Borough in Bradford County, as it is today, (from Map quest)
For the history of Athens

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