Stephen Collins Foster-River
Stephen C. Foster
Table of Contents

Page One
  • Sources and Acknowledgements
  • Foster's Place in History
Page Two
Stephen Foster's Parents/Settle Lawrenceville, Pa.
  • William Barclay Foster
  • Eliza Clayland Tomlison Foster
  • Plan of Lawrenceville, Pa.
  • Morrison Foster
  • The Stagecoach
  • The Conestoga Wagon
Page Three
Foster Family/Pittsburgh, Early Years
  • Foster Family Record (2)
  • Morrison Foster
  • The White Cottage
  • Allegheny City
  • Pittsburgh's First Theatre
  • Surious Home of Stephen Foster
  • Stephen Foster's First Letter..
Page Four
Athens Academy/Athens, Pa.
  • Athens Academy
  • Handbill for Athens Academy
  • Tioga Point Valley
  • Mainstreet, Athens, Pa.
Page Five
Brother, William Foster, Jr.
  • William B.Foster Jr.
  • Stephen's First Letter to Brother William
  • Another Letter From Stephen to William Jr.
  • Washington-Jefferson College (2)
Page Six
Foster's First Published Song
  • "Open Thy Lattice, Love"
  • Susan Pentland
Page Seven
Stephen Foster's Musical Instruction and Instruments
  • Henry Kleber
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Flageolet
  • Flute
  • Mary Wood's Piano
  • Stephen Foster Notebooks
Page Eight
Stephen Foster's Own Family/Christy Minstrels
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Jane Denny McDowell Foster
  • Marian Foster Welsh
  • Marian Foster
  • Christy Minstrel Circular
  • Letter to E.P. Christy
  • Another Letter to E.P. Christy

Table of Contents
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