Franz Lehar Franz Lehar

April 30, 1870 - Oct.24, 1948

Best known as a composer of operettas, he studied with his father, a military bandmaster, and from 1882 to 1888 he was a pupil at the Prague Conservatory, studying violin and music theory. On the advice of Dvorak, he concentrated on composition.

After graduation, he played violin in the opera orchestra at Elberfeld. Later, he joined his father's band, the Fiftieth Infantry, in Vienna, as assistant bandmaster. In Vienna, he also free-lanced as a conductor, and in the Spring of 1902, became conductor at the Theater an der Wien in his Vienna.

His opera Wiener Frauen was produced there in November, 1902. From that time, he lived in Vienna, and devoted his time to composition.

His greatest success was The Merry Widow, which was first produced at Theater-an-der-Wein on December 30, 1905. which had more than five thousand performances. At one time, it ran simultaneously in five different languages in five different theaters, all in Buenos Aires.

His works also include sonatas, symphonic poems, marches, and dances.

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